College Facilities


Spacious and well ventilated class rooms with good seating arrangements




Our library is stocked with a good number of Books and Journals. It has a combination of National and International books from best authors around the world. Helinet facilities are available for students and staff to update their knowledge.





Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamental lab is well equipped with all essential equipments for basic/advanced Nursing procedures.
Maternal & Child health Laboratory

The Maternal and child health laboratory is equipped with bed cradle, instruments, toys & play materials for the various age groups of children.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory
Community Health Nursing Laboratory is equipped with models, charts and community bag with articles for community health nursing practice during home visits.
The Anatomy & Physiology laboratory

It is well equipped with models and specimens, and charts

Nutrition Laboratory

The Nutrition Laboratory is full fledged with, gas stove with gas supply and all the necessary cooking and serving vessels.

Biochemistry laboratory

The Biochemistry laboratory offers an opportunity to learn with best of automated instrumentation like auto analysis, blood gas analyzer, and electrolyte analyzer.

Computer Laboratory

It is well equipped with recent computer models. Internet facilities with E- learning technique provide means to update the recent advancement for students.